Township Directory

SupervisorsTax Collector
Kevin R. Martin, Chairman Chester County Treasurer
Noel A. Roy, Vice-Chairman
Robert McMahon, MemberOASA Sewer Authority
Robert McMahon
Secretary/TreasurerRandy Gray
Deborah J. Kinney
Planning Commission
RoadmasterJohn Williams, Chairman
Steven C. PriceJulie Brady, Vice-Chairman
Larry Moran, Secretary
Zoning OfficerJoel Brown
Deborah J. KinneyWilliam Lewis
Taylor Wilson
Building Inspector/BCOJake DeWees
Scott Moran, Accurate Building Inspections, LLC Alonzo Shoemaker, Alternate
Ed Fisher, Light-Heigel & Assoc.Paul Johnson
Township SolicitorRecreational Authority
Winifred Moran-Sebastian, Esq.Arthur Astle
George Steven Hoffman
Jane FreemanAg Security Commission
Carole ShoemakerDennis Breckbill
Cathy A. BoydTeri D’Ignazio
Gottlieb Strohmaier
Vacancy Board
William HostetterHistoric Commission
Jay Eaton, Chairman
Zoning Hearing BoardTeri D’Ignazio
Richard FramptonJack Rucker
Robert PeppleKevin Stroup
Jarrett Hostetter
Arthur L. Sagnor, III, Esq. – SolicitorEmergency Management Coordinator
Noel A. Roy
Regional Planning CommitteeNancie Bescript, Deputy
Joel Brown
Noel A. RoyRecycling Coordinator
Deborah J. Kinney
To contact any of the members listed above, please call 610-932-8150 ext. 1 and leave a message with the Secretary.